Notable events on this day, 2nd October, in years gone by:

Thursday 2nd October 1873
Thomas James Hickmore, the son of lighterman George Henry Hickmore and Sarah Ann Hickmore née Bramston, was born at Princes Street in East London.

Tuesday 2nd October 1888
William James Harris Hickmore, the son of police constable Spencer Hickmore and Annie Elizabeth Hickmore née Barnard, was born at the Police Station in Bedfont, Middlesex, England.

Wednesday 2nd October 1940
The Principal Probate Registry was moved from London to Llandudno in Wales, in order to make it less vulnerable to German bombing. It did not return to London until 1946.

Monday 2nd October 1950
42-year-old John Gordon Hickmore arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, aboard the ship 'Empress of Canada', from Liverpool, England.

Friday 2nd October 1970
Thomas Arnold Hickmore died in Bromley, Kent, England, aged 64.

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